Below are links to research papers supporting communities4college’s approach to helping students graduate from college.

Scholarly Research on Children’s Savings Accounts, CFED
A very nice summary of recent evidence that CSA’s expand economic and educational opportunity.  A list of all the important research papers in the field is also provided.

Saving for College Keeps Kids on Course to Graduate
Low and moderate income families with college savings account between $1 and $499 are three times more likely to attend college and four times more likely to graduate.

Educated Communities are Healthy Communities
A college graduate is more likely to live longer, be happier, have a better paying job, keep their family out of poverty, raise kids who graduate from college, help the economy, and engage more in civic activities.

Too Few Americans Graduate from College
Did you know that only 8% of low-income children graduate from college by age 24? Find out more about the impacts of rising college costs.

Building Expectations, Delivering Results: Assets-based Financial Aid and the Future of Higher Education, The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare, Assets and Education Initiative
This paper is a detailed examination of the many ways that CSA’s positively impact students educational attainment.

Education Pays 2013: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society, College Board
A very thorough study on how important a college education is for society and an individual’s financial and personal health.

A Penny Saved is Mobility Earned, Pew’s Economic Mobility Project
Find out more about how children’s savings accounts help promote economic mobility and the policy implications.