What We Do

Community Benefits

In other parts of the website, we describe how education strengthens communities, saving for college keeps kids on course to graduate from college, and how C4C’s savings plan can increase your savings almost six times more than using a regular savings account. For families and students, these financial, health and life benefits are obvious. Not so obvious is that local businesses benefit by having a better supply of highly-trained employees. Their businesses profit because customers have better paying jobs and more money to spend on goods and services.

If you broaden your vision further, you see how Communities4College can reduce income inequality in America. One of the primary drivers of income inequality is how difficult it is for low and moderate income students to afford college. Although C4C is trying to help all students graduate from college, students from low and moderate income families are most at risk to drop out so they are more likely to reap the benefits of a C4C savings plan.

Finally, just as research indicates that saving for college increases the chance that a student will graduate from college, there is similar research indicating that children with high-saving parents move up from the bottom of the income ladder more frequently (71%) than children of low-saving parents (51%). (A Penny Saved is Mobility Earned, Cramer et al. 2009).